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Food traceability software:
a complete management solution

SETA has developed INFOLAB, innovative management software for food traceability.

It is intuitive software for the food industry, developed for all companies operating in the processing and marketing of agri-food products. We have in-depth knowledge of the sector, because we have been dealing with projects dedicated to both local PDO and large-scale production for years.

We have gained extensive knowledge of the typical processes of the field and are able to deal with every aspect of food traceability and tracking.
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INFOLAB’s features

INFOLAB is the software solution for food traceability that covers all food processing and marketing operations, adapting to European Community regulations.
It is a complete software for food product traceability that makes it possible to manage the entire flow of information through impeccable data organization. It will keep track of all the steps in the supply chain: from the arrival of the live animal to the processing phases (slaughtering, butchering, cutting, portioning and packaging) until its selling. This will reduce waste, improve the sustainability of the production chain and provide continuous support to producers at every stage.

INFOLAB effectively manages food labelling, thus making it possible to optimize all supply-chain processes of the food industry. Our food traceability software will also allow you to comply with all regulatory obligations regarding HACCP traceability and tracking.

INFOLAB interfaces with all types of weighing and packaging systems and allows you to reduce the investments needed for the digitization of livestock farms thanks to:

  • An integrated food labelling system
  • The possibility of complete customization of food traceability labels in terms of content, formats, logos and customizations for the end customer
  • Integration with major management software
  • Quick start-up Simplicity of use
The food labelling and traceability software suite allows you to comply with EC 178/2002 regulations in a fast and specialized manner.

The traceability and tracking of each type of food is thus resolved, with particular attention paid to the meat processing sector, and in general, advanced management of agri-food products within the entire supply chain is facilitated.

INFOLAB is a modular and scalable management suite. It is perfect as software for the management of slaughterhouses, meat cutting and processing companies, salami and ham factories, etc.

We offer complete solutions for successful companies

Together with the best software solution, SETA also provides everything you need to make it complete and use it quickly and effectively.

From industrial touch-screen PCs with IP65 protection rating to thermal labelling machines, weighing systems (both aerial and bench) and barcode readers.

Product labelling is essential for the brand identity of every type of company and is also now a legal obligation.

We collaborate with the major Italian producers of labels, including both adhesive labels and those that come in contact with food.

Choosing a single supplier will mean optimizing time, costs and management. You will have at your service a specialized consultancy to identify the hardware and materials best suited to your needs. We will guide you in the crucial choices that will make a substantial difference to your business costs.

Food traceability and tracking: the regulations

Today, it is very important for both the authorities and consumers to know the path a food product has taken, the origin of the raw ingredients used, the way in which the livestock was raised, the type of slaughter, preparation, the presence of allergens, etc. The software for traceability and tracking within the food industry supports the regulatory need to find this crucial information to ensure the safety and authenticity of a product.

Food labelling software such as INFOLAB becomes a very important tool for the transparency of supply chain processes and the protection of end final consumer. Food traceability is, of course, essential to ensure the wholesomeness of food and the well-being of the consumer, and also to protect against counterfeiting.

The new legislation on mandatory food traceability entered into force in all countries of the European Union on 1 January 2005, strengthening Articles 17, 18 and 19 of European Regulation 178/2002 on food safety. The sanctions for non-compliance with food traceability and tracking regulations established in Italy with Legislative Decree no. 190 of 5 April 2006 concern both administrative and financial penalties and the possibility of applying the criminal code if the violations put public health at risk. All the key figures of the production chain are involved in this, i.e. those who produce, process, transport, work and sell the product.

INFOLAB helps companies trace every single stage of the product's life, from materials to distribution, and store data and related documentation.

Traceability system for meat

Butchery management software

The European Parliament adopted the new Regulation (EC) no. 1760/2000 on the labelling of beef and meat products, repealing the previous Regulation (EC) no. 820/97.

Reg. EC 1760/2000 addresses the issue of the labelling of meat and meat products specifically. INFOLAB is software for meat labelling and butchery management that facilitates the traceability system, which supports producers in the optimization of processes and actions such as:

  • Butchery planning and data entry
  • 360° management of product traceability
  • Production planning and control
  • Identification with standard labelling
  • Tracking by individual animal or homogeneous batches
  • Management, control & statistics
Entrust the quality management of your products to INFOLAB with clear, immediate and intuitive food traceability software.

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