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Software integration for freight forwarders

Seta operates with the major international software (TMS) aimed at the world of freight forwarders, with particular attention to the air and sea sector.

When the number of channels, transport types, warehouses and orders increase, the transport management software must be able to respond to new business needs quickly.

Through integrations and customizations, Seta helps to optimize your management software to make shipments and order assignments to routes more streamlined and faster, supporting the many activities with a structured and diversified staff.

TMS (Transport Management System) software that is optimized and integrated perfectly with business needs will greatly reduce the time taken for planning air and sea transportation and ensure optimal results in terms of efficiency.
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Total integration between modules: our offer

Seta offers its experience for the creation of interfaces between the various departmental software types in the company and between the different key figures of the supply chain (suppliers of services related to logistics, goods handling up to the end customer).

The modules will be fully integrated with each other to allow operators to get the information and data they need quickly and intuitively.

Each ETL will be a carrier of versatility and flexibility for the systems, acting as a great support to the operators in the sector.
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Having software that is perfectly suited to your organization will create a great advantage in an increasingly competitive market such as the management of air and sea transportation.

Thanks to Seta, you can manage your TMS software with great dynamism through optimization and impeccable modular integration.

Our offer includes:
  • Application consultancy services
  • TMS Configuration
  • Customization of forms and implementation of integrated ad-hoc reporting
  • ETL management
  • Development of WEB portals for simplified management of input/output flows with the TMS
  • Development of integration programs with third-party software
  • Interfaces with Customs
  • Development of mobile applications to support logistics

Seta’s customized and effective solutions
for the planning and management of transport

The possibility of transport management TMS software modular integration allows the aeronaval industry to:

  • Reduce planning time and transport costs: advanced algorithms allow you to plan trips both manually and automatically, optimizing fleets and identifying the most used vehicles
  • Increase the use and saturation of vehicles: by optimizing loads, it will be possible to estimate the required dimensions without leaving empty spaces on the different type of vehicles
  • Check the fleet and monitor deliveries in real time: thanks to simple integrations with GPS systems on the vehicles, it will be possible to show the routes made by the fleets on a map in real time, with a system that will calculate the expected time of each delivery
  • Improve communication between customer and carrier: through different ETLs we will facilitate communication between different systems and understanding between carriers and customers, while also simplifying business relationships and ensuring maximum compatibility of data formats.

Choose SETA for TMS Software Integrations

With our help you will easily connect all the key areas of your company by speeding up business processes, allowing for careful and fast planning, making changes and interventions in an optimized and customized way.

Discover all the benefits of customizing Transport Management System (TMS) modules for the aeronaval sector.

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