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SETA is a Software House founded by three experts named Alessandro, Alberto and Fulvio thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the development, design and consulting of software, applications and ERPs.

For many years SETA has been involved in the management of complex projects, including international ones, and has gained increasingly in-depth knowledge of the typical processes of some sectors, specializing in textile/fashion management, food traceability and logistics and transport. We offer advice, training and ongoing assistance for those who decide to work and grow with us.

For the three founders, Alessandro, Alberto and Fulvio, programming is a passion. This is why, many years ago, they decided to found SETA S.r.l., starting an adventure that always aims to produce high-quality software and management solutions.

SETA has grown over time, acquiring a passionate team of young programmers who have complemented the founders' know-how to make it the haute couture of information technology. It takes companies by hand and increases their potential.

How we work in SETA:
our method

We are a software house that honors young minds but is also based on the talent of analysts with many years of experience and senior project managers.

We love to identify and resolve any knots within the company's production and logistics flow, removing inefficiencies that affect information workflows, creating optimal solutions in smart times.
Building a good project requires starting from the basics. We listen carefully to the needs of each client, analyze the needs with him and identify the perfect solution both in terms of cost and the service required. A winning company will need to keep up with the times, and we will know how to work alongside you in this ever-changing market. We will be your beacon, constantly improving or taking entirely new paths, helping you make the most effective choices.

SETA wants to accelerate your business innovation through its range of software and management solutions, as an expression of continuous technological innovation and 30 years of experience in the textile/fashion, food traceability and transport sectors.

Our mission will always be to make your work as simple, flexible and fast as possible.


Administrative office:
Via Lecco, 170
20900 Monza (MB)

Via G. Visconti, 35
28100 Novara (NO)
Tel. +39 (0321) 407117

email: info@setasrl.com

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