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SETA offers vast solutions for SMEs looking for management software related to textiles, garment and fashion retail. We use the NOW suite: an integrated ERP system that helps you manage the many aspects of your company efficiently.

NOW is not only the best textile ERP WEB solution, it is also an ally that can guide you over time as your business develops. It is an ERP system that can grow with you through integrated functions and modules, responding to the most diverse needs of the textile, fashion and garment sector.
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NOW WEB-ERP for Textiles and Fashion

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NOW is the ERP WEB for the textile and garment industry that will offer you the best solutions for the most diverse business activities: from raw materials purchasing to production planning, from order acquisition to Business Intelligence, all aspects will be organized and simplified.

The advantage of textile management software such as NOW is that it is able to adapt flexibly to companies of different sizes, it is cross-platform and it has a simple and intuitive interface.
It will help Textile and Fashion Product Managers to monitor costs and productions at all times, improving competitiveness by allowing detailed control over processes and logistics and providing a quick return on investments.

If, however, you are looking for a highly customizable management software offering easy integration with customer resident applications, NOW is the right choice for you.

All the advantages of using textile management software such as NOW

NOW consists of a large family of innovative, feature-rich modules, designed to help textile and fashion companies in all aspects of their business, regardless of their size. This ERP solution, branded Datatex, is in fact applicable to all sectors of the textile industry: garment, technical fabrics, home furnishings, accessories, non-woven fabrics, woven and rolled products in general, carpets and coatings.

It will always offer you the best solutions for managing various business processes. NOW will collect and analyze data to monitor every single movement, it will be able to offer planning and control at every stage of the production process from fibers to the finished product.
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The competitive advantages for those who choose NOW:

  • Independent Technology: it can be used with the major browsers compatible with J2EE standards, regardless of the platform, and is open to all common Databases.
  • Easy integration with the client's resident applications: it manages XML and has native access to WEB services.
  • Highly customizable: easy to use and customizable user interface, automatically retrieves the language from the browser, "Drill-Down" functions with tools integrated with Business Intelligence.
  • It takes the diversity and complexity of the processes into account: as the textile industry is highly specialized, each process will have specific production parameters.

Textile management software:

NOW's modular and tailor-made approach

The modularity of this suite will allow you to use the system for both fully vertical companies and those specializing in a niche.

It is precisely thanks to its modular architecture that growth is always possible. NOW gives companies the freedom to start with the basic modules they need and then buy new ones as they expand by connecting specific extensions and applications.

SETA helps you design your ERP system to raise the potential of your business

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