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Our software house deals with the development and design of management software for the textile and fashion sector (garment, accessories and footwear). We love the textile industry and we know the sector very well, because we have been dealing with complex projects for years, including international ones.

Thanks to this we have gained in-depth knowledge of the typical sector processes. Thanks to the evolution of digital technology, textile companies have had the opportunity to move towards leadership in Industry 4.0 by employing automated controls over the entire process of the textile supply chain.

Thanks to the progress of the IoT and ERP, extraordinary opportunities have gradually emerged for textile operators, who are now able to keep processes under control, monitor and improve them, from the raw materials to the sale of the finished products.
In this climate of digital transformation, SETA experts offer a vast range of solutions for companies looking for management software related to textiles, garment and fashion retail. These are PDM/PLM or WEB ERP solutions capable of guiding you over time during the development of your business. They are able to grow with your company and are compatible with all the new operating systems on the market. As well as the best solutions, we also guarantee you impeccable and advanced updating and assistance.


The software for garment and the textile industry that transforms your ideas into successful products. It collects and organizes documents and data related to the various stages of product design and production. Thousands of pieces of information will be reorganized quickly, reducing the time and cost of implementation and improving the quality of your services.

D-View is a software for companies in the textile and fashion sectors (garment, accessories and footwear) that has been specifically designed for the needs of the sector. It is flexible and modular, and capable of integrating and interchanging data with CAD and ERP systems.

It will be very easy to manage the entire product life cycle (PLM) from concept to development for both individual creations and large collections.

Our PDM software will reduce management time, using large amounts of information in a streamlined way, creating data hierarchies and removing all redundancies. It will be easy to share information between different departments and streamline the workflow.

Some features

Technical Data
Size/Color Matrix
Attachments and Multimedia


This is the management system for the textile and garment industry that meets the most different needs of the sector through its functions and modules. It will offer you the best solutions for programming and production, facilitating warehouse administration, purchasing and sales.

NOW is able to adapt flexibly to companies in the garment and textile sector of different sizes. It is multiplatform with a simple and intuitive interface.

For Textile Managers who need to constantly monitor costs and productions, it helps to improve competitiveness by offering control over processes and logistics, providing a quick return on investments.

If you are looking for fashion management software offering easy integration with customer resident applications that is also highly customizable, NOW is the right choice.

Choose SETA for your 100% textile management software

With our help, you will easily connect key areas of your business by speeding up business processes, achieving careful planning, and streamlined product line design and development, making changes and interventions quickly.

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