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PDM/PLM Software for Textiles and Fashion

SETA specializes in the design, development and configuration of management software in the textile and fashion sector (garment, accessories and footwear).

We have in-depth knowledge of the typical processes of the textile sector and we know the characteristics that distinguish the 4.0 industries related to fashion.

We help you keep track of processes, monitor and improve them. We help you in every step of the textile chain, guiding you through all the stages, from the fiber to the finished garment.
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D-View is the PDM/PLM software for garment and textiles that turns your ideas into successful products. It collects and plans documents and data related to the various steps of the product design and manufacture.

Thousands of pieces of information will be relocated quickly, reducing the time and cost of implementation and improving the quality of all your services.

With D-View it will be easy to manage the entire product life cycle (PLM) in a single system, from the selection of the raw materials towards its design and development.

With our PDM software, you will reduce management time by using large amounts of information in a streamlined way, creating data hierarchies and removing all redundancies.

D-View is configured on your Company

For years we have been offering PDM/PLM solutions for textiles and fashion that guide companies over time as they grow.

Every specific need will be met thanks to our software's vast parameterization possibilities. D-View is perfect for both small companies and large companies in the 4.0 industry. It also has a multi-company structure and a strong classification of users, guaranteeing the confidentiality and security of the data.

The main features of D-View

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D-View is a software for companies in the textile and fashion sectors (garment, accessories and footwear) specifically designed for their needs. Flexible and modular, it is able to integrate and interchange data with company CAD and ERP systems.

Having a thorough knowledge of the textile sector, we know that the specific production processes in the supply chain are all different from each other and are characterized by a high product variability. In the garment and fashion industry, each product undergoes changes in trends, seasonality and measurements.

With a single system that handles your information flawlessly, you will be able to anticipate market demands, reduce processing costs and focus more on production quality.

D-View allows you to:

  • Manage the entire life cycle and development of a single product or collection
  • Organize all activities, to-do-lists and alerts
  • Coordinate workflow and deadlines
  • Schedule any type of data consistently
  • Organize workloads

Choose SETA for your 100% textile software

With our help, you will easily connect key areas of your business by speeding up business processes, achieving careful planning and streamlined product line design and development, making changes and interventions quickly.

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