Solutions for textile/fashion

Multi-platform ERP and PDM/PLM software solutions with innovative graphics and suitable for world standards.
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Solutions for Agri-food

Comprehensive food tracking and traceability always up to date with current regulations
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Transportation and Logistics Solutions

Consulting and integration to major TMS software for shippers
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The software house

Applications and management tailored to your business needs

SETA is a software house engaged in the development, design and consultancy of application and management software. We deal with the management of complex projects, including international ones, and thanks to this we have gained in-depth knowledge of the typical processes in our specialist sectors over the years. We place know-how and experience at the service of companies in the sectors of textiles, food traceability and air-sea transport and logistics.
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Textile/fashion management and software

D-View V2 is designed for companies in the textile and fashion sectors (garment, accessories and footwear).

  • It interfaces with the managers of the economic data and the software related to them
  • It integrates with business ERP to handle the entire product lifecycle management (PLM)
Together with our partner Datatex, we present the NOW textile management system: the ERP system that adapts to the most diverse business activities.
software alimentare

Food Traceability Software

Infolab is SETA's software for all companies operating in the processing and marketing of agri-food products.

  • allows food traceability to be managed in compliance with EC 178/2002
  • simple traceability and tracking of every type of food through labelling
  • advanced management of the agri-food product within the entire supply chain
  • modular and scalable system for the following sectors: butchering, slicing, portioning, salami and ham production.

Software solutions for transport

We integrate management software to optimize and streamline transport activities and logistics.

  • customized solutions
  • logistics software integrations for international freight forwarders, carriers and customs operators
  • simplification of work in a flexible and rapid way software for transport and logistics.
software per il trasporto e la logistica

Software customized according to the client's specifications

We configure the software according to the concrete needs of your business, providing you with our best professionals and experts in the field of food traceability, textiles and transport and logistics. We will listen to your requests and, together with you, we will build and integrate your software with an emphasis on what your company really needs.

Discover the solutions that best suit your business.

The advantages of trusting in our Software house

S0ETA specializes in technological and organizational support for companies in the textile/fashion, agri-food and air-sea transport sectors.

  • W0e offer software and management solutions designed according to actual business needs, which are highly configurable in modules and expandable if necessary. As such, this flexibility offers each company the possibility to evolve at ease over time, supported by the development of business intelligence that is productive and never disorganized.
  • Using our software solutions means achieving a higher performing and more connected business, to compete and overcome the modern challenges of a constantly evolving market.
  • Working with us means 0.
SETA is a true IT partner that constantly supports you in a variety of decision-making and operational activities. Our strength lies in three factors: support, vertical specialization and constant updating.


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